A little bit more about us at EST
It's the little things that make the difference. Whether it's a glass of champagne on arrival, an umbrella to shelter from the rain or just a bit of advice about where's a great choice for dinner. We've got you covered.

Delivering a unique first class boutique travel experience for discerning sports supporters

In principle, our service is a simple travel agency package holiday putting together all the essential components for a long haul holiday to watch a sporting event, including flights, accommodation, transfers, match tickets etc. But in reality the Elite Sports Travel difference makes it so much more than that.

Our mantra is to under promise and over deliver. We want to deliver an experience for our guests that makes you feel like we have put on the VIP treatment just for you and your tour companions. We want you to feel special.

Small but perfectly formed

We are a small team running a small number of boutique sized sports tour groups, but there is nothing small about our service.

Our clients are used to the highest standards of hotel accommodation, full match day hospitality facilities and a personal service from our team on the ground that is unique to each guest.

For an insight into how our holidays are run, why not give us a call and we will be happy to run through some details on how we can make your trip even more special than usual.

Clean Towels On Hotel Bed

It’s the little things…

It might be a bottle of water just when you really need it, a hot (or cold if it’s hot outside) towel on arrival at your hotel or even just a hand carrying your bags to your executive car. We are always trying to anticipate your needs, before you even know you need it!

Where we make the difference

Anyone can book you some flights and hotels. We know you can organise that yourself with a bit of searching. We do organise those things, but we also do a lot more.

We make sure that your every need is catered for. If you want to stay in the best room in the house, we’ll sort it for you. If you want to take private helicopter transfers, we’ll make sure that happens for you. If you want a table in the best restaurant in town we will get it for you. Whatever you need whilst away, our team will be on hand to work for you to ensure your trip is as comfortable and memorable as possible.

We’ll also send you out our tailored merchandise pack a few weeks prior to departure. Don’t worry, it won’t be garish sportswear plastered with logos, it will be things that you might actually make some good use of whilst away (and when you get home too). Like a pair of good quality noise cancelling headphones for example, some officially licensed event merchandise perhaps, or maybe a multi country international travel adaptor. All of our items in our merchandise pack are carefully hand selected specifically for your trip and for our travelling guests needs, before you even know you need them.

Contact a member of our team today to find out what else we have in store for you when you travel with us.

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It’s not just sports travel

We might be a sports supporters travel specialist, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do other holidays with the same touches of luxury you’d come to expect from us.

We’ve organised honeymoons in Thailand, long weekends in Las Vegas, family holidays in Ibiza and luxury ski chalet holidays in Verbier! We have access to all the same rates and suppliers that the bigger agencies do, but we don’t have the same overheads. Hence competitive prices coupled with our little touch of our EST magic!

Why not give us a try? Drop us a quick email, or get in touch on social media and we’ll see if we can get you a better price than you’ve been quoted and probably a better product too!

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