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Financial Protection

Our basic approach is that if we look after you & your money properly and in the way we would want to be treated, then we hope to win you as a customer many times in the future.  All our holidays are securely protected by ATOL and the Travel Trust Association (TTA), and we operate a third party audited Trust Account system for all client transactions. You can read in full detail about ATOL, the TTA and how your money is fully protected below.

Your financial protection matters to us

We take your financial protection very seriously. We are members of the Travel Trust Association who provide financial protection for all our customers, in the unlikely event that anything may happen to us at any stage from booking your holiday to the time you come home. You can be assured that at all times your money is fully protected against the failure of our company or the failure of any of our suppliers.

In the unlikely event of something going wrong, The Travel Trust Association is on hand to facilitate your holiday, or provide refunds if for any reason it’s not possible for your holiday to continue. At all stages your money and your safety is 100% securely protected.

The Travel Trust Association is a travel trade association with members consisting of travel agents, tour operators and travel organisers.

Members of the Travel Trust Association are bound by a code of conduct to operate within a strict set of operational guidelines. These guidelines include the operation of a Trust Account, which is used to store and protect customers’ customers money. The Trust Account is supervised by a third party independent auditor. As a customer, any payments you make to us are made into this Trust Account and suppliers are paid from this trust account for the services you need for your holiday.

In addition to the protection afforded by the Trust Account, the TTA also guarantees your financial obligation up to a value of £11,000 per passenger.

So if you paid £2,000. The TTA guarantee they will reimburse the loss of the £2,000, where it is not available for you from the Trust Account.

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ATOL Protection

All our holidays, that include flights are fully ATOL protected. Our ATOL Number is T7614. You can verify the status of our ATOL protection by viewing the CCA web site below.

All packages sold by Elite Sports Travel including flights, are fully compliant with both the Package Travel Regulations and the ATOL Regulations. For more details about the ATOL Certification scheme go to:

CCA Website

Our Covid 19 Cover

The full details of our Covid-19 policy are detailed on our Booking Terms & Conditions which we send to our customers to review in full before you confirm any new booking with us. However, our basic approach is that we believe if we look after you properly and in the way we would want to be treated ourselves, then we hope to win you as a customer for life.

For that reason, our approach is a simple one, designed to give you complete flexibility regardless of what may happen in the future. You can make any amendments to your package with no amendment fees at all and only pay the difference in cost price for the changes. Speak to a member of our team for full details.

ABTA and the TTA

ABTA actually ended its consumer protection program about 15 years ago, back in 2006! Essentially ABTA does not do not protect the consumer against the failure of its members. As a consumer ABTA does not do not provide protection for your money automatically, but ABTA does offer do offer an insurance policy that you can purchase to cover you should you wish.

As a member of the TTA, any booking you place with us at Elite Sports Travel is automatically covered by the TTA’s 100% Financial protection policy. You can read about this in more detail above.

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If you have any concerns about how your money is protected at all stages of your booking, please speak to a member of the team.